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Eat My Hat

Jun 1, 2019

Tenor and Social Media Guru, Jonathan Walker-VanKuren, joins us for this episode to reflect on the end of an era and talk about our high hopes for the future. It's a mushy one, but not as mushy as the food in the Mukbang videos Jonathan has gotten into lately...We'll get into it. We've also got stories about...

May 23, 2019

If you've ever taken a shower, lost yourself in thought, and made brilliant life-altering connections, you've had yourself a shower thought. In this episode, we take some shower thoughts from the internet, our listeners, and our own minds and analyze them, go deeper, and debate over their legitimacy in real life. In...

Apr 29, 2019

Kyle Roeder, opera singer and BBQ extraordinaire joins us to talk about life running a new business and tales of spicy and sweet sauce from the other side of the meat counter. 

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Apr 15, 2019

Tristan Cappel is back (he never left) to continue our discussion on pizza and branch out into some B-conspiracy theories, or the ones that aren't talked about as much in the conspiracysphereiverse. This episode we take on the Titanic, Denver Airport, some serious evidence for the existence of the lost city of Atlantis,...

Apr 5, 2019

Tristan Cappel, brother of Bridget Cappel, joins Eat My Hat to talk living in New York City, music, jazz careers, and deep philosophical life stuff. Erik rants about war and it gets educational. 


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